An Invaluable Lesson—a Relationship is a Natural Thing

Do you think they fight about what are positive and negative reinforcers or punishers? Do you think they waste precious time arguing about dominance and submission? Do you think they care about collars, leashes, harnesses, target sticks, clickers, kongs—or looking fashionable?

As I said many times before and I will say it again: a relationship is a natural thing. If we wish peace and harmony, it is imperative that we regain this lost ability of ours—and these two in the movie can teach us all an invaluable lesson—if we just care to stop for a moment, watch them, and listen to their silent message.

This clip has to be one of my all time favorites.

Keep smiling!


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Autor: Roger Abrantes

Born in Portugal, a citizen of the World. Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, B.A. in Philosophy. Speaks seven languages. Present work: lecturing on Ethology and sailing and diving in Thailand (marine biology environmental management).