Internship: Restricted Access

Please complete the previous course before taking this course.

This is a tutor assisted internship, a gathering of practical experience.

You don’t need to move to Cambridge to take this internship. Joining an AREP is the best option to collect cases because you’ll have a close follow-up for the whole period in which you treat animals. If you don’t have an AREP close to you, you should try to work as an assistant to a recognized animal behavior consultant in your area. Your tutor will assist you and will be responsible for the approval of the animal behavior consultant you  choose.

As you know, theory and practice walk hand in hand. You have now taken all the theory courses that you need to be a competent and hopefully successful Graduate Trainer. In your professional life, you will train animals and treat them for problem behavior.

You can begin your internship whenever you want, but we recommend that you complete at least the CAAE level before you do it. You need the knowledge those courses give you in order to be able to take maximum profit of your internship.

Level: Advanced.

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Duration: 40 hoursAuthor: Roger AbrantesComplexity: Hard

This is a tutor assisted internship, a gathering of practical experience. Your tutor will assist you and will be responsible for the approval of the animal behavior consultant you choose.