Problem Behavior Advanced: Restricted Access

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Problem Behavior Advanced studies the problem behavior of our companion animals—and how to create successful behavior modification programs. You need some practical experience working with animals showing problem behavior and the owners of these animals.

Course level: Advanced.

Content of the course

Theoretical and practical work with animals treating various problem behavior. The students will work with some real cases under the supervision of an instructor. This is your last practical course before you graduate. It is a very important course that will give you some routine working with real cases so that you will feel more confident once you graduate and begin working independently.

On-campus course: This is an on-campus course that you take at the annual Summer Camp.

Duration: 10 days. A day starts with a briefing followed by the practical work with the animals and finishes with a debriefing. Each day simulates a real working day for an animal behavior consultant. You work with real cases under the supervision of your instructor.

Evaluation: There is no test for this course. Your instructor will approve you when you show an active and satisfactory participation.

Accommodation and meals: Guesthouse in a double room with shower. Full boarding.

Course fee: includes theoretical course, practical work, accommodation, meals, transfer from/to airport at your destination, transfers from/to guesthouse to working place.

You must enroll latest 90 days before the course starts. See  Summer Camp.

One-on-one online tutoring

Your instructor will be available at all times to guide you.

Warming you up for the Ethology course

To warm you up for the Problem Behavior Advanced course, we leave you here with “Dogs Appear To Become Jealous Of Owners’ Attention“—a controversial topic. As a sort of training your ability to observe (watch and listen), and become a critical thinker, we invite you to comment and discuss the topic on our Ethology Institute Students* Facebook page.

*To have access to the Ethology Institute Students Facebook page, you must be a student, which you become automatically once you enroll in one course.

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Problem Behavior Advanced

Duration: 24 hoursAuthor: Roger AbrantesComplexity: Hard

Ethology—history and principles, genetics and behavior, evolutionary strategies, sexual behavior, instinct and learning, communication, social behavior, agonistic behavior, animal economics and intelligence, evolutionary perspectives.