Master Course 2


A Master Course is any course of your choice provided it is at MSc level.

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Master Course is any course of your choice provided it is at MSc level.

Course level: Advanced.

(From Rules) 12.22.1 Master courses consist of courses at the choice of the student, which must comply with a graduate level. The student’s tutor must approve any course. These courses may be external courses that the student takes anywhere in the world.

You may choose any topic you like.

You have two options to take a master course:

Option1: you take one of the certification courses we offer at the Cambridge e-learning Institute.

Option 2: you take any compatible course at a university anywhere in the world. If you chose this option you will have to send your tutor all the necessary information about the course you intend to take. You can enroll after your tutor has approved the course.

If you choose option 1, we will automatically update your student profile when you successfully complete the course. If you choose option 2, you will have to send us a document stating that you have completed the course before we can update your student profile.

Fee: 200 EUR (right now USD 0.00) (Currency converter)

NOTE: The fee you pay Ethology Institute Cambridge to enroll in this course covers our expenses with tuition and administration. You may need to pay a supplementary fee to the organizer of the course you choose.