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Mission SMAF is a project conducted by GNR (the Portuguese Military Academy trained Police) and Ethology Institute Cambridge.

The objective of the project was to analyze the effects of planing in SMAF the learning procedures of five different skills to a group of 11 dogs and compare the final results with the expected results (average of all previous tests done without SMAF).

This project was conducted at the GNR school, Canine Department (GIC), in Queluz, Portugal, under the supervision of Dr. Roger Abrantes, Major Marco Costa Pinto, Major Miguel Rodrigues and Captain Tiago Pinto. The dogs were trained by a group of officers with different levels of experience in the field of canine training, from veterans to rookies. These officers were and are currently assigned to various task forces, e.g. detection of narcotics, explosives, arson, blood, intervention, and search and rescue.

It was the objective of this study to record all training sessions, capturing relevant moments on video, for a later statistical analysis. The final results were published by Cadet Helder Fernandes in his graduation Master thesis in 2011, which was approved by the Portuguese Military Academy with a top grade.

This short movie is an introduction to the project. This video is not a public release. If you received this link to watch the movie, please keep it private.

Title: Mission SMAF, bringing military precision into police dog training.
Duration: 21 min
Quality: HD (this is a scaled down version of the original HD movie)
Directed by: Roger Abrantes
Production: Wolfie Productions
Copyright: Ethology Institute © 2010 (It is strictly forbidden to copy this movie).

“Mission SMAF—Bringing Scientific and Military Precision Into Dog Training” by Roger Abrantes
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