Tests (info and tips)

We use tests, not exams, for several reasons. We don’t examine you, we don’t judge you, and we don’t label you with grades that will follow you for the rest of your life. We offer you tests that you can take as many times as you want, either to improve your knowledge or to refresh it. You study at your own pace. You seek the best way for you to acquire the practical experience you need and you record it in your own logbook.  We offer you proficiency verifications to help you determine whether you possess the necessary proficiency in order to pursue your own goals.

The tests we offer you are mostly of multiple answer tests. We ask you a question, give you several options to answer and you chose the one you think is the right one.

You must answer all questions. If you are not sure, chose the option that you believe is the most probable.

Do not stress. There is time enough to answer all questions. In every test, some questions may require a bit more time to answer, but we compensate that with other questions that you can answer quickly.

It’s not difficult to achieve the necessary 75% score of right answers to pass a test. If you have studied, you can do it easily. To achieve 100% right answers is harder because all tests include one or two more difficult questions. Of course, you can do it, but you’ll need to spend a bit more focus time studying.

You can take a test as many times as you want, maybe to improve your score, to refresh a subject-matter, or just for the fun of it.

These are the instructions that you get before any test. X is the time you have to complete the test, which varies between 30 and 60 minutes depending on test and number of questions.


  • Choose the answer that you find appropriate for the question.
  • Click “next” to move to the next question.
  • Click “show results” after the last question.
  • You have x minutes to complete the test. Don’t worry, it’s enough time. The timer shows you how much time you have left to complete the test.

Have fun!